Dialog Techniques: OneSearch


The number and variety of databases in Dialog makes it more difficult to identify which databases to search. But, if your are looking information in a defined subject area, it is valuable to have a tool that tells you what databases are relevant to the subject. This helps target your search and, hopefully, reduce the costs of your searching, a particular problem with a search tool (such as Dialog) that has per-search, per-time, and per-record-display fees. OneSearch categories are such a tool.



Hierarchy of OneSearch Groups/Categories

Using OneSearch via DialogWeb

  1. Login to DialogWeb.
  2. Be sure that you are in Command Search
  3. Click on Databases
  4. Pick a category relevant to your search.
  5. Enter your search.
  6. Click on the Select All button.
  7. Click on the Sort Results button to automatically rank the databases by the number of hits.
  8. Check the Check Boxes to the left of the databases you want to search.
  9. Click on the Begin Databases button
  10. Click on the Submit button to the right of the entry field.
  11. Now, you are ready to search the databases that you have selected.

Using OneSearch via DialogClassic