Searching Dialog: Utility Commands: Show & Set


The show command has two applications.


Example Uses of Set

Examples, Notes

set files

set file #(s) or
set <file name(s)>

  • Use in DialIndex or OneSearch
  • set medicine,88
  • set 145, 275, 628

set hilight

set hi

set hi on <or off>
set hilight on

  • Hilight emboldens the search terms in the returned records.
  • This supposedly can only be used in databases that have a KWIC capability.
  • You can add some symbol (* or - or other) to provide some further identification surrounding the search terms.

set keyword in context - set the number of words

set kwic nn

set k nn

  • kwic displays results showing search terms surrounded by text.
  • You specify the number of surrounding words to be displayed:
    set kwic 50