Phrase Searching with (w) or ()


There are various estimates of several hundred thousands to as many as 1.8 million different words used in the ecumenical and welcoming embrace of the English language. Of course, this includes numerous foreign words that have been adopted (pho, tatami, bangra, chocolate, avocado, llama, and endless more) and a seemingly limitless number of scientific/medical/technical terms (normotriglyceridemic abetalipoproteinemia, Van der Waals bond, icosadodecohedron, serial storage Architecture).

So, how do we navigate through such a rich vocabulary when we are searching. I provided a clue in the last set of examples: phrases. Searching for an ordered sequence of words is one of the most powerful searches that you can do because of the increased precision you achieve when your are looking for a logical and expected phrase appropriate to your search. There are many kinds of phrases that are useful for searching. These include names of people or places, quotes, titles, scientific names, and much, much more.

But, you must be aware that in Dialog:

Doing Phrase Searching in Dialog

In Phrase-Indexed Fields:

In fields that are Word-Indexed