Using Dialog: Cost Considerations in Searching

Cost Considerations

Subscriber/end-user costs for accessing and using Dialog include:

There are are variety of subscription and fee structures available for accessing and using Dialog databases. These include:

Subscription costs. These include:

Purchasing publications (printed and CD-ROM)

These are generally from the individual database publishers. They consist of:

Connect Time


Document Display Costs

Means for controlling costs

Again, the Money-Saving Commands

Examples, Notes

help rates

help rates <file number>

  • help rates 415
  • To find database rates


  • Checks costs during a search.
  • Be sure to use periodically to assess the costs of your searching as you are doing it.


  • You can put your searching on hold for up to 10 minutes.
  • Basic Dialog connect charges still run on.

logout, disc, off, bye, quit, stop

  • Exits you out of Dialog.
  • How much your search costs were will be displayed.

logout hold (also: off hold, bye hold, etc.)

logout hold
  • Also exits you, but keeps the your search results or "sets" for 30 minutes.

save temp

save temp
  • Saves a search for 7 days.
  • Save it as a 1-6 letter name.
  • Can be executed later with the exs command