Overview of and Accessing Factiva


Factiva®, a Dow Jones & Reuters Company, was founded in 2001 by the combination of Dow Jones Interactive and Reuters Business Briefing services. The new service provides a single point of access to numerous sources of information from both companies, including their newswires and the Wall Street Journal. Other services include current awareness services and workflow integration tools to facilitate online research. 

Database content


Factiva can be accessed via the "Login to Factiva" on Factiva's home page at: http://www.factiva.com.

Enter the Login, Password, and Namespace number you have been given.

Initial Search Page

You will be taken to the default page, which is the Free-Text Search page. At this point you have the choice of whether to:
  1. Do a Search of the general articles database.
  2. Click on the "Track" tab to set up folders for setting "alerts" for tracking subjects in the news.
  3. Click on the "News Pages" tab to see current content from major news sources, including leading newspapers, CNN, and the Weather Channel. You can also view the front pages of over 200 newspapers, content from around the world, and the leading stock market indexes.
  4. Click on the "Companies/Markets" tab to search for profiles of companies by name or symbol. You can lock at company profiles, look at stock quotes and charts, and screen (search) for companies by such criteria as industry type, number of employees, location, share data, and financials.