Screening for Companies by Various Criteria


Factiva's numerous company profiles can be searched by a variety of criteria. Click on the "Companies/Markets" tab if it is not already "white," which means it is the active selection. Then click on "Company Screening." You will see a list of broad categories of criteria, each divisible into more specific subcategories.

Why would you want to search for companies by such criteria? For a variety of reasons, including:

This is the interface that you use to search Factiva's major database of millions of articles from over 9,000 sources.

Search Interface


Example Search

Let's say that I am looking for companies in the Internet search engine industry. I want to look at their financials, their management, get an overview of their company history and products or services.

Step 1

Get into the Company Screening interface.  Then click on "Industry," since we are looking for companies in a certain industry.

Step 2 - Selecting the Industry category

Then scroll down until you find "Internet/Online Services." Click on it, then click on "Internet Search Engines."

Step 3 - Starting the search by my criteria

I added an additional criterion (location) by clicking on the Location menu and following the click-on menus until I could select california.


Step 4 - Result: A list of companies

The criteria for my screening search results in a list of three Internet search engines in California. I decide that I want to look at Google, so I click on the name of the company.

Step 5 - Selecting what information to view on the company

When I click on Google, a popup menu appears giving me several choices for information on the company. I click on "Financial Snapshot plus Profile" because this provides me with the widest range of information about the company.

Step 6 - Resulting Financial Snapshot and Profile

The following images are sample sections of the Financial Snapshot and Profile for Google.




There is even more, including

Note: All of the profile t is all on a single, long page.

Search Result - Step 7 - Choice 1: Printing the profile

Click on the Print icon (the printer). The document is already formated for the complete width of the browser window, so you can just go ahead and print.

Search Result - Step 7 - Choice 2: Emailing the article

Click on the Email icon (envelope), which will bring up the below window.