Introduction to Google


It is amazing that the Google search engine has only been around since 1998, though Sergey Brin and Larry Page actually began development of the technology in 1995. See the Google History ( Web page for a full discussion of the evolution of the technology and the company

Pagerank ranking technology

What was particularly important about the search engine technology (though Google may be moving from it) was the way of ranking results of a search. Specifically, Brin and Page developed a "link analysis" algorithm ("pagerank") which ranked the pages resulting from a search according to what other and how many Web pages and sites linked to a particular Web page. Part of the ranking involved an assessment of the repute of the other Web sites/pages and assumes that more respected Web pages will link to other quality Web pages.

Example: You do a search on "medical ethics." Pageranking brings up the following Web sites in the first five results:

Combined with conventional ranking

Major components include:

Other Tools & Information