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What a unique place are the islands of Hawaii. Isolated, even from the rest of the Pacific islands, but also possessing a unique biology and beauty because of that isolation combined with the islands' volcanic origin.

On the other hand, the complex of people living on the islands, including the descendents of the original settlers plus the malihini, the "newcomers," from the mainland and Japan and the Philippines and many other countries, have changed the biology of the islands, imposed a human infrastructure that has altered the landscape, and created an open and egalitarian cultural melange that is a model for the rest of the world.

The photos below are examples of collections of images on each subject. Most are straight photographs, but many photos are altered, abstracted, transformed to bring out certain visual qualities or to focus on particular aspects of the image.

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Link to photographs of traditional Hawaiian images on blueroom a/d/i

Hawaiian Culture
Link to photographs of Hawaiian hula images (mostly dancers) on blueroom a/d/i

Link to Hawaii Today photographs on blueroom a/d/i

Hawaii Today
Link to photographs of Hawaiian sunrises, sunsets, and moon images on blueroom a/d/i

Sun & Moon
Link to photographs of Hawaiian animal images on blueroom a/d/i

Animals of Hawaii
Link to photographs of Hawaiian flower images on blueroom a/d/i

Flowers of Hawaii
Link to photographs of Hawaiian flowers on blueroom a/d/i

Leaves of Hawaii
Link to photographs of Hawaiian trees on blueroom a/d/i

Trees of Hawaii
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