Photography Portfolios
Photography is more about perception and selection than the actual taking of a photograph. Of course, the ability to transform a photograph in ways pleasing to the intellect and/or the eye gives an image a whole new dimension.

Many of the images in these portfolios have had no more done to them but a little cleaning up of noise, of artifacts such as dust and the infinite number of anti-gravity hairs of our cat. On the other hand, many of the images have been cropped, lightened or darkened, abstracted, or otherwise altered by Photoshop and/or other graphics programs.

There are a variety of reasons, of goals for doing this, some simple, such as making a particular portion of an image stand out better, and some profound, such as making a collage or altering an image to achieve a particular impact. Whatever the case, the ultimate intents are to make something that we enjoy, that interests us, and that, hopefully, will be something that you enjoy or find interesting.

8x10 and 11x14, 360-dpi, archival prints of these images are available.
Inquire at the email address at the bottom of each page.

Abstracted Earth

Transformations of aerial landscapes.


Sometimes you have to put things together.


Someimes the common and mundane can be exceptional.


Visions small to large, from one memorable flower to the drama of Kauai's Na Pali coast.


Mostly Venice, Tuscany, and Rome.


The new architecture of new libraries seen through a filter, literally.


Sometimes you have to take things apart.


Nothing is really what it seems.


Synthesizing narrative and visual content.